wave vs zipbooks

Best for small business owners or sole proprietors with a sizable inventory and for beginners at accounting. Akaunting only has a free plan, though third party apps are available for purchase. This software is not as automated as the other free accounting software reviewed in this article.

Among the choices is a completely free plan with no time limits while the rest are premium plans with more advanced features. You may also start with its 30-day free trial to check out its full functionality. Additionally, you can study the details of costs, terms and conditions, plans, functions, tools, and more, and decide which software offers more advantages for your business. In general, select the software that allows you to change the features and pricing to complement your sales growth or lack of it. “I was able to create nice looking invoices and edit when necessary and sending invoices to clients is a breeze. The best accounting software and best of all, it’s free.” Tim Yoder is a subject matter expert at Fit Small Business focusing on small business bookkeeping, accounting, and tax content.

While both platforms offer excellent free-to-use plans, ZipBooks offers better features. The paid plans on ZipBooks give access to a wider bandwidth of features that are essential to a growing business.

wave vs zipbooks

The free version of Zoho Books includes up to 1,000 customizable, branded invoices per year. The user-friendly software also features contact management, expense tracking, multiple bank and credit card accounts, and the ability to import bank and credit card statements.

The only support that we found was a self-service Knowledge Base with articles and tutorials. ZipBooks does have an active community of users on Facebook and Twitter that may be of some help if you run into problems. One of Wave’s most powerful features is that it’s cloud-based, which means real-time access and instant updates from anywhere. wave vs zipbooks Your information is stored and backed up on highly secured servers. Wave Accounting checks all the boxes for many powerful features that are well-suited for your small business. Another reason some companies freely distribute the software is because it is open-sourced, meaning any developer can customize it any way they see fit.

Compare Wave And Quickbooks’ Top Features

With this in mind then, how do ZipBooks and Wave compare as accounting solutions? But there are some integrations that should be important, such as integration with financial institutions, payroll integration, and online payment capability. In addition, the Smarter plan can support up to five users — perfect for growing businesses.

Services include direct bank data imports, invoicing and expense tracking, customizable chart of accounts, and journal transactions. Accounting by Wave integrates with expense tracking software Shoeboxed, and e-commerce website Etsy. In every plan, Zoho Books also includes features for bank reconciliation, custom invoices, expense tracking, recurring transactions, projects and timesheets. A feature that helps set Zoho Books apart from its competitors is its multi-currency option. You’ll be able to invoice in a number of different currencies. If you work internationally, this could be a great option for you. It’s also one of the most popular small-business accounting programs in the U.S. with millions of users.

As well as the ability to produce the basic financial statements, users that are computer-savvy can create highly customized financial statements. This software is very powerful for those that know how to use it. ProfitBooks invoices are highly customizable, letting you add a logo and industry-specific categories. They also show at a glance invoice due dates and their payment status, so you can have a more accurate picture of your company’s cash flow.


Customers include companies of all sizes from hundreds to thousands of employees. Nira’s largest customers have many millions of documents in their Google Workspace. The tool also analyzes your transactions and provides you with unique recommendations to help you optimize your business. Using ZohoBooks in conjunction with these other apps keeps everything in one, central ecosystem. Data is seamlessly passed back and forth and you can easily stay on top of every aspect of running your business.

wave vs zipbooks

Wave helps small businesses and freelancers manage double-entry accounting. It features a simple UI and applications for payroll and online payments and includes 2 months of free chat support. The company’s first product was a free online accounting software designed for businesses with 1-9 employees, followed by invoicing, personal finance and receipt-scanning software . In 2012, Wave began branching into financial services, initially with Payments by Wave and Payroll by Wave, followed by Lending by Wave in February 2017 which has since been discontinued. The least-expensive plan is the Early plan, which allows you to send five invoices and quotes per month for $11 per month. The middle tier plan is the Growing plan, which costs $32 per month.

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According to some reviews, ZipBooks is a functional software that makes invoicing easy to track. They also added that its reporting feature is helpful, especially for taxes. Another factor that makes users love ZipBooks is its affordable plans and amazing features. However, some users think that ZipBooks is not yet fully-featured, unlike other accounting software. Some also say that the software does not connect accurately with their bank cards. Apart from the mobile application that this platform provides, it also offers several advantageous features for its users.

  • This means that you can install Akaunting on your laptop and work offline, then it will update when you have internet access.
  • I was able to present my case to the bank of the situation and they assured me this was actually waves liability not mine and filled in my favor to deposit money back into my account.
  • With Wave, you have access to expense tracking, bank reconciliation, and reporting to help you manage your finances.
  • Automatically transferring data from QuickBooks into TurboTax when it’s time to file taxes saves hours—or days—of manual calculations and data entry.
  • Within the system, you can set up multiple clients and multiple projects for each client.

The integrations Wave directly connects with are PayPal, Etsy, and Shoeboxed. You can also use the new Checkouts feature to create buttons on websites, such as Wix, Squarespace, and WordPress. For a free software program, Wave boasts an impressive, robust feature set that rivals even some paid accounting software programs. Cloud accounting software is hosted on remote servers where your data is stored and processed in the cloud. This means you can access it from any compatible device, no matter where you happen to be. Head over to our comparison of the best paid accounting software to find out which solutions integrate with Wise and the other popular apps in this table.

Quickbooks Xero Sage Accountingsuite Freshbooks Zipbooks Wave

If those prospects become clients later, track future invoicing against those estimates to see which of your contracts are profitable and which aren’t. FreshBooks’ lowest-cost plan covers nearly every use case for self-employed bookkeeping, letting you track time, record general business and billable expenses, send invoices, and collect payments. And if you upgrade to a mid-tier plan, you also get tools to help you send proposals, how is sales tax calculated collaborate with an accountant, and charge late fees on overdue invoices. Another pitfall with free small business accounting software is that their algorithms, or problem-solving formulas, may be more error-prone. You will need to take more time to generate and review reports to make sure the numbers add up. Free accounting software options have many features that can help you manage your business financials.

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Use its built-in time-tracking tool to capture every second that you work on a project, then transfer that time to an invoice to bill clients quickly. And like some of the other apps on this list, invoicing can be set up to send automatic payment reminders that nudge late-paying clients. When you’re starting out as a freelancer, you may not have a lot of excess cash to throw around. But even if you’re not making much, you still need to keep track of your income and expenses.

Zipbooks Vs Wave: Target Audience

But when it comes to sales tax, we were a bit disappointed to see that it doesn’t work automatically – you have to add sales tax percentages in settings. It’s an extra click or two compared to other accounts systems. ZipBooks has a limited number of direct integrations, including Gusto payroll.

Customers have complained that, while the apps function okay, it’s difficult having to use two different apps. If you want unique business insights powered by machine learning, this is where ZipBooks shines. Using the millions of data points they have at their disposal, they’ll provide you with a business health score and an invoice health score. These insights will help you make smarter decisions and generate more revenue. With over 800 different integrations, you can be confident that it will easily connect to the tools you’re currently using in your business.

However, if scalability is not on your horizon, then both packages will work for you. The biggest issue we have with Wave Accounting is its lack of scalability. While it works well for independent freelancers and micro-businesses, if you are looking to scale your business you may need to transition to different software. Wave Accounting enables you to handle diverse tasks like scheduling recurring payments for a client on a retainer, employee payroll, and creating performance reports. Auto categorization is another intelligence-driven feature that remembers how you categorize each transaction and implements the process automatically.

There are category limits for users, contacts, and automations, but most small businesses will fit easily within these parameters. Your accounting software is a major tool in your small business arsenal.

Wave Overview

Also, if you have staff who multitask on HR and accounting, this software can help in cost-cutting. Designed to offer smart workflow-based accounting, Bullet can be used by accountants as well as growing enterprises. Plus, there are no online advertisements with the free online software. Gnucash is great for personal use while also offering some payroll features. If you have little experience with bookkeeping, a user-friendly software like SlickPie could be the answer to your needs.

Connect your bank/credit accounts to record business expenses, track your time, create and send invoices, accept payments, and even see when clients have viewed invoices you sent. Forward email receipts or take a picture of physical receipts and upload them using AND CO’s mobile app. To make it simple to know when your invoices are paid, Zipbooks allows you to connect your bank account to your Zipbook account. This way, Zipbook can be able to track down when payments are done and update with the needed status symbol in the invoice dashboard. All you need is fill in your relevant bank details and decide which accounts you’d like to pull information from.

Choose HMRC-recognised MTD software from the table above to make this easier. You’ll get bank details for the US, UK, euro area, Poland, Australia and New Zealand, to receive fee-free payments from these regions. Hold 50+ different currencies, and switch between them using the mid-market exchange rate. That’s much cheaper than your normal bank, and up to 19x cheaper than an alternative like PayPal.

While ZipBooks doesn’t currently have a mobile app, Wave has two mobile apps that allow you to create invoices and accept payments. Also, while ZipBooks allows you to track time and track income and expense by project, Wave does net sales not. Wave is a cloud-based accounting solution that offers free invoicing and receipt scanning. It is a great option for businesses that need to accept online payments because of its built-in integration, Wave Payments.

With Wave, you have access to expense tracking, bank reconciliation, and reporting to help you manage your finances. Wave also has some of the most appealing invoices on the market. Wave also offers time-saving automations, such as recurring invoices, automatic billing, and receipt scanning, all of which make your life as a small business owner easier. Add entries for mileage and hours worked, if needed, to track all of your business expenses in a single view. And if you connect your credit card to Expensify, that’s also an easy way to select expenses and turn them into emailable reports or PDF files.

Author: Barbara Weltman