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January 15, 2019

What We Do

What we do
We install different types of waterproofing systems to both commercial and residential buildings. We work alongside with major waterproofing system suppliers, architects, builders and contractors to provide the client with the appropriate waterproofing solution . Our certified and experienced applicators, along with our quality assurance inspections will help to ensure works are done according to specifications and meeting suppliers' standards.
Our works on new buildings normally carry a 5-year workmanship warranty, and suppliers usually have between 10 to 20 years warranty on their products.

Roofs/Gutters/Decking - Membranes:
Flat roofs, internal guttering and decking over living areas are normally specified with a membrane waterproofing system. A membrane system will allow the buildings to achieve the aesthetic and practicality commonly sought in commercial buildings and premium modern houses; and it provides a weather tight solution just like other forms of roofing/guttering systems.

Green Roofs and Planter Boxes - Anti-root membranes:
Green roofs and planter boxes that are attached to buildings, not just need to be waterproofed , they need to be able to restrict root growth to a certain extent. Special types of membrane that include anti-root herbicide to stop root attack will be used with for this purpose so that certain type of plants can be grown on the roof, and with the appropriate irrigation system, there should be minimal risk of water ingress.

Underground Waterproofing - Torch-on Membranes and Peel & Stick Membranes:
All underground/semi-underground building areas/walls will need waterproofing. Tanking provides waterproofing from the outside of these areas. Tanking also includes waterproofing works around under-footing and under-slab areas.

Concrete structures - Torch-on/Fibreglass Membranes and High-Build Coating Systems:
Many older buildings have concrete roofs or balconies over previously non-living areas. As we know concrete is pores, and in order to turn these areas into more comfortable and drier living spaces, waterproofing the concrete surfaces is required. Torch-on membranes and Fibreglass membranes are commonly recommended for these instances. High-Build coating system is normally painted over exterior concrete/block walls, many historic concrete buildings are externally painted with a High-Build coating system.

Internal Wet/Damp Areas - Liquid applied membranes and Liquid applied coating systems:
The most common areas are bathrooms, washrooms, laundry rooms and kitchens. Moisture in these rooms need to be contained, so that it doesn't get thru to other areas in the same building. Liquid applied membranes/coating systems are normally used in these areas.

As approved applicators for a wide range of waterproofing systems, we and our suppliers should be able to help you and your builders on choosing the a suitable waterproofing solution. Below are the common improvements/repairs we work on:
  • Waterproofing new decks over existing living areas
  • Installing new membrane roofs
  • Damp-proofing new
  • Damp-proofing internal block/concrete walls to create more living space
  • Tanking around new footings
  • Exterior Coating of concrete buildings
Note: Due to varying natures of repair and improvement works, our workmanship warranty also varies on these jobs. We will make clear to you what warranty (if any) will be provided at the quotation stage.